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The Hag's Tornado Bait combined the first ever rattle chamber within the core of a soft bait with a special blend of plastic to produce consistent fish catching. All of our baits float, which allow the bait to "hover" over grass beds and make them highly visible to predatory fish. When Texas rigged or on a Shakey Head, the bait floats in an upward position unlike most soft plastics, providing more action and visibility. These attributes alone set Hag's Baits apart from all others!

Hag's Tornado Bait F6.5

  • The Hag’s Tornado was constructed in a manner to where it has an action like no other soft plastic worm. The Hag’s Tornado has a built-in rattle chamber in the tail so that the fishermen can easily insert a rattle without damaging the worm. If this rattle chamber is left empty it will create an air pocket that will add extra buoyancy to the tail.

    When rigged on a Texas rig, the worm will stand completely vertical. When rigged on a Carolina rig, the worm will float up off of the bottom. This will be deadly when fishing those deep grass beds or trees. Put the Hag’s Tornado on a shakey head and watch out!

    Hag’s Tornado uses a special formulated plastic that not only allows the worm to stand straight up and down or even float off of the bottom, but also makes it tough enough to hold up to numerous fish. A lot of competitor’s products tear up with only one fish, costing the fishermen a lot of money. Hag’s Tornados are tough and you will love not having to put a new worm on each time you catch a fish.

    These worms are available in variety of fish catching colors that have been proven to produce.

    F4 - 4" Worm - 8 per package

    F5 - 5" Worm - 8 per package

    F6.5 - 6.5" Worm - 6 per package

    F8 - 8" Worm - 6 per package

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