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Highly compact for heavy cover flipping, pitching, and punching, the Hag’s Cyclone Craw features two hard-thumping claw arms that create a massive cyclone of action after penetrating cover. Fitted with small side appendages that subtly vibrate and deliver a realistic craw imitation, the Cyclone Craw stirs up a feeding frenzy when this bad boy comes knocking on their front door with its lifelike appearance and movement.

Formed with a ribbed tail section for extra water displacement plus a hook slot in the head for easy weedless rigging, the Cyclone Craw is fully prepared to whack 'em on a texas rig, wobble head, or as a jig trailer. Infused with a fish-attractant scent to call fish in from great distances, the Hag’s Cyclone Craw makes the bass hold on longer and gives anglers more time for lip ripping hooksets with heavy wire hooks in thick vegetative cover.


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