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Just like the name implies, the Hag’s Cheat Code almost feels like an unfair advantage due to its sheer fish-catching ability with a wide variety of techniques. Built with multiple flanged appendages and a ribbed body that increases water displacement and vibration, the Cheat Code boasts all the necessary features for attracting more bites from fish hiding under heavy cover.

Generating a dazzling fish-calling movement when rigged as a trailer on any jig, bladed jig, or wobble head, the Cheat Code pairs perfectly with any Texas rig for punching, flipping, and pitching applications or on a Carolina rig to target bottom-dwelling fish. Available in multiple color options to mimic tasty forage in a variety of fishing environments, the Hag’s Cheat Code comes pre-saturated with a fish-attracting stench that gets more bites and keeps fish holding on tight.


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